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A Paradox In Retrograde Published 7/6/2014

is available Now on Amazon and Create Space

In Baldur a city state balanced on the edge of the civilizedworld, a most unusual discovery is made. There a chain of events unfolds where in an ancient nemesis, forgotten in the mists of time and memory threatens again to cross the gulf of space and descend upon the fragile Earth. There then two brothers seemingly lost in time after thousands of years prepare again to do do battle.  Will their plan include the destruction of mankind?

Written and Illustrated
by John F. Faherty
Copyright © 2014

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My Name is John Faherty for most of my life I have lived and worked in the Philadelphia area. I'm a 1991 graduate of Temple University's Tyler school of Art. I am an artist and writer. As an artist I have exhibited my works in both local and regional venues and I have enjoyed some critical success while doing so.  Though I have always had an interest in writing, it is only in the last several years that I have dedicated an ever increasing amount of my time to its pursuit and development. In this time I have completed three novels, all within the Science fiction genre. The first two were self-published and are currently available on Amazon and Create space as print on demand and Kindle formats. In my writing as in my art I attempt to portray a naturalistic narrative within the context of fantastic or surreal landscapes. Against such backdrops the characters therein are forced by circumstance to react in accordance with the logic dictated by the environment and with what resources are made available.

My work in the written word in some ways is an extension of my narrative tendencies in painting. The characters and situations that exist in the writings live on the fringes as dark and desperate creatures. These characterizations are well suited for this chosen genre of Science Fiction. The genre of Science Fiction naturally lends itself to this dynamic. I read a lot and find myself consciously or otherwise emulating story driven style of science fiction of writers such as Henry Beam Piper, Peter H. Hamilton, and Phillip K Dick.

I write what I like. In my work I attempt to weave together elements of hard science, action, horror and fantasy into a convincing narrative that may contain the kernel of a conspiracy.

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The Strange Case of
Cannibals Under Kensington
Written and Illustrated
by John F. Faherty
Copyright © 2011

To what extent memory plays in defining our humanity, Daniel a victim of both blind circumstance and cruel science would soon discover. With the loss of his life and then his soul he would find himself debased as a mindless animal in a savage wasteland hidden on the fringes of our world.
That summer the city was caught in the grip of anxiety as a set of bizarre animal attacks that terrorized the vulnerable. There was evidence to a mystery invisible to most that indicated that these attacks were somehow linked to Daniel’s death. It would fall to Daniel’s wife Sara an agoraphobic actuarian, and Francis a disgraced retired cop to piece the mystery together.
 Forced to overcome their fears and shortcomings they discover the existence of a secret shadow world of opposing governmental agencies in a clandestine struggle for power and technological advantage. They soon find they are swept up into the midst of this conflict. There they must fight their instincts and chose sides if they are to make things right

Children of a Dark Age 
Written and Illustrated by

John F. Faherty
Copyright © 2008

Children of A Dark Age

The Children Of a Dark Age is a 128,000 word Sci-Fi novel set in a future Island City- State, teetering precariously on the edge oblivion. in a world devastated by the ancient plagues of Man, a wandering probe from a long dead civilization having visited upon the Earth, now sets to make some changes by means of subtle genetic manipulation. To do this the probe employs a microscopic sentient life form known as the Architecture molecule. The long dead builders of the probe, betrayed by their own creation seek now only release from its hold. Its plan, by tinkering with gears of evolution is to bring fourth a suitable symbiotic host in a world of its own creation. This tinkering beyond its intended purpose has unforeseen consequences not only to biology, but to the earthly technology based upon it. These set of circumstances leave the already fragile human population with one last extinction hurdle to pass, domination by an emergent artificial intelligence. It is to these circumstances that the characters must rise up against. Jack Walker, an unwitting product of this tinkering, has some how changed.  He is possessed now by sensitivity to this sentient architecture molecule, where in has the ability to transfigure matter and bend the form of space and time. Jack is at once its slave and its master.This sweeping epic brings to full circle three story arcs to a final battle and resolution. There can be only race to inherit the Earth.  The family of Man has been its sole master for ten millennia can they hold out for one more day?


The Worlds of Science Fiction.: 

In essence all Fiction attempts to weave from abstract bits of make believe, a coherent often naturalist narrative. Regardless to the fantastic realms in which these stories may play out, this fact also must be true for Science Fiction. This is also true for the characters. It makes no difference to which alien race they belong to, they must in some appreciable way be relatable to the reader. All true characters whether they be them vampire, robot or a cloud of vapor are for the sake of fiction essentially human, and must be portrayed as such. So then in Science Fiction just as in all other genre. The story must be both logical and character driven. Things that are fantastic are not by definition illogical. Facts or limitations need not be accurate to our experience as long as they are consistent with an understandable set of implied rules. 

A world can exist in a narrative that could never exist in our universe. We all know that under the current accepted rules of relativity no object can move faster than the speed of light. Despite this fact, faster than light travel has been the bread and butter of science fiction for the last sixty years. Theoretical science makes this happen by opening windows to possibilities that from our prospective may seem unlikely but possible. Creating a world in which the improbable is real requires only that one state it as such. So traveling on an inter-dimensional time train from here to Alfa Centauri, need not seem too different than an earthly train ride. The fares are still too high, and last week you were stuck at Betelgeuse station for an hour due to power issues.

 Ultimately It’s important for the reader that the characters feel at home in their strange world. This doesn’t mean that they need conform or even like the nature of their world only that they are a part and parcel to it.

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My main goal with this web site is to increase  visibility, interest and readership of my writing. These works are important to me and it has become increasingly difficult for works outside the mainstream to break into the highly competitive publishing market.  In this tough market agents and publishers are less willing to take chances on an unknown. I hope one day, to have all my works published through a traditional publisher. In the mean time along with the tradition route I am also pursuing both publishing on demand and eBooks


It can be difficult to rise above the millions of titles that are available online. It has been proven to be the case that sales of books online is driven by visibility. Reviews can do a lot to increase a books rank. I would like to suggest to authors who like myself are underrepresented by the tradition publishing world should help each other out with reciprocal reviews. I propose that I will read and then write an honest review for any work of sci fi fiction submitted to me. All I ask in exchange is that you do the same for me. By conducting these mutal reviews we can go along way to help each other get a leg up in this increasingly cometitive environment. If you find yourself in a similar situation contact me, I'd be happy to lend a hand.

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